How to get involved

There are five books and we need your help to choose the winner. If you are a primary school then read on, this is how it works

  1. Decide whether you want to join in. We need children to read the 5 books over the next few months and then vote on them. This could be quite a committment and we would want you to make sure they know this
  2. Decide how many children are going to take part. As each child will need to read each book then this will determine how many books you will need
  3. Get hold of as many copies as you need so each child has time to read the book. We have found that if everyone reads the same book at the same time then this makes for more interesting discussions, also demand for those books will be high as people realise this is important. Newt Books are offering 30% discount on BBA orders, click here to download an order form
  4. Start reading! You decide how to do this, as in the point above it makes sense to read them all together and then discuss them all together. How this might work will be different for everyone  - perhaps a lunch time club, an after school zoom call, a breakfast meeting... 
  5. Collectively rank the books, either come to a consensus or vote yourselves. 
  6. Go to the voting page and submit your results!
  7. Watch out for the announcement. We are hoping to hold a live event to announce the winner and all children who have voted will be able to come along and hear from the auther directly!