Hiba Noor Khan

Hiba Noor Khan is the author of 6 non fiction for children, How to Spaghettify your Dog, The Little War Cat, Inspiring Inventors and One Home.


Safiyyah's War is her first novel for children


Her work has been translated into Swedish, Korean, Turkish, Breton, Chinese, and counting. She secretly wants to be an explorer, and is happiest surrounded by nature, especially near the ocean.

C.C. Harrington

Christina grew up in the UK. She loves the natural world and believes that stories, much like the roots of an ancient forest, are capable of connecting readers and listeners in essential ways. WILDOAK is her first book. She graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English Literature and has since worked at a national newspaper, taught literacy to children with learning differences and studied printmaking. She now lives in Maryland with her family and a dog who loves to eat manuscripts.

Alake Pilgrim

Alake writes from small, magical islands in the Caribbean, where people are connected to Africa, India, China, the Americas, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. She has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, thanks to the Booker Prize Foundation Scholarship, and is a graduate of New York University and Bates College in Maine.

Serena Molloy

Born in Co. Wexford, Ireland, Serena worked in schools around the UK and Ireland as an English teacher. She now lives with her family in a small village outside Galway City where she can see the sea every day. As a mum of four, her house is always noisy but never, ever dull.

As a child with dyslexia, an inspirational teacher changed her life. Her novels are a celebration of neurodiversity, empathy and the power to change.

Alice M Ross

Alice M Ross has spent most of her career as a journalist at the Financial Times, where she was most recently Deputy News Editor. She is now writing fantasy, which involves a lot more magic! When she's not writing she can be found herding cats and small people at her home in London. The Nowhere Thief is her debut children's book.